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Tinybook 3.0

Tinybook 3.0 is coming in November

1. Memcached setting will be added to speed up site loading speed.

2. Apply queue for notification summary email. Daily email will be added to queue before sending to members.

3. Editable Profile Pop-up

4. Member is confused about the "username" field in edit profile. We will Add "Full profile url"

5. Add show/hide, required/not required setting for "about me", username and "timezone" field in to global setting. Admin can configure to show/hide/required/not required them at sign up form.

6. admins and super admins shouldn't be allowed to login as other admins

7. Improve loading speed of photo ""lightbox"

8. Email or notification will send to member if he has not read a message from member at a specific period.

9. Insert Emoji Chooser icon at "what's new" and "comment box"

10. Add "sort by role" into user manager

11. Remove version field from "Settings" page

Bugs will be fixed:

1. Image rotate issue when CDN is enable
2. Can't save role settings.
3. If installed plugin that has very long name -> the "transfer" button in "Storages system" module will disappear.
4. Duplicate friends appear in "my friends" if user clicked accept request button many times.
5. Show warning error when guest submit 'Confirm RSVP' on event without loggedin. 
6. Video upload plugin doesn't work well when enabling S3 service (core related issue)
7. On global search, layout is broken when showing many items.
8. The top link in the "Your Notifications Summary" email doesn't work - it has 2 Https:// in the link

10. when you view the images you see the thumbnails bar is overlapping on the image.

13. Login as issue : Admin can login as Super admin.

14. Fixed found issues of events plugin.

15. Copy and paste link on status box on mac os safari issue.

16. Can not upload photos when server set memory_limit =- 1

17. Item owner cannot view feed of the his private items on Everyone tab

18. DataBase is incorrect with the some collations

19. After accepting cookies very large gap

20. Time line: Within November 2017

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